From bouffants to shoe covers, and everything in between.


360 Total Coverage was a complete rebrand of Watson Gloves’ disposable line of products. All items relate as a family of products, but the face of this product brand was the glove boxes, which is where the main focus for the rebrand was placed. 

Bouffants, beard covers, sleeves, shoe covers, gloves, and aprons make up the complete family of 360º products.


As the glove boxes appear on the shelves beside multiple different brands, they needed to stand out. The best way we found was through a bold use of colour.


The colours were specific to the glove type—vinyl, latex or nitrile—while the lighter tints indicated which of the two were powdered. 


To maintain unity between the different types of products, we created icons to indicate what type of product was within the packaging—a beard for beard covers, a hand for gloves, a boot for shoe covers, etc. Not only is it a quick indicator for the consumer, it brings a fun element to an otherwise dull product.


One more way to add a little life to these boxes was an interactive size chart. Without even having to read the size chart instructions, people instinctively will place their hand on the handprint to see how they measure up.


Merit Winner, In-HOWse Design Awards 2011
Featured in the January 2012 issue of HOW magazine