We believe design has the power to make a difference through altering perceptions, emotions and actions. 

We believe in asking 'why'. 


The Cedar team enjoys partnering with clients who create positive cultural and societal change, which can take on a number of shapes and sizes. Strong work stems from strong relationships. 

We empower our clients with relevant and tailored solutions. Let us help bring your story to life.


Kaitie Bakker

Graphic Designer & Co-Founder

Kaitie likes to make people laugh. Should she find you crying in a corner somewhere, she'll likely take a stab at her awkward humour to lighten the mood. Be warned, social sobbers. 

Finn McStrongbone

Office Manager & Poopsmith

Have some leftover lunch you're not eating fast enough? Need a mid-day pick-me-up? Finn is your gal. She's also deaf—clapping louder doesn't help. Waving your hands harder does.


Tyler McGowan

Graphic Designer & Co-Founder

Tyler may appear to be riding the cliché 'designer' wave, but his love of coffee and road biking while wearing dark framed glasses above his fancy moustache is all by chance, he assures you.